​"Everything!" is the response my four year old daughter, Colette responds on a daily basis to my question, "What was your favorite thing that you did today?"  Colette and her brother Declan, age two enrolled in Follow the Child Montessori this fall.  We had previously had Colette at a very progressive and creative local preschool that we believed was the very best around, until we discovered the hidden gem of greater Lafayette, Follow the Child.  My husband and I are thrilled that now both at home and at school our children practice their independence and use creative thinking to solve problems.  

I owe a debt of gratitude to the instructors at Follow the Child.  Karen patiently works with parents and students to understand the subtleties of the Montessori way, which makes both school and life in general with young children more pleasant.  The wonderfully positive society of students that Karen and our teacher, Miss Renae have established make me feel really proud of my decision to select this creme de la creme school.  It is a testament to Miss Renae that Colette and Declan are so excited to enter her classroom that they can barely get their coats and shoes off quickly enough.  Miss Renae exhibits the perfect combination of motherly warmth and scholarly engagement in alternative crafts that teach her students about everything from world geography to color theory.  Finding Follow the Child was such a reward after a tiresome research process of school visits, research and interviews.  I encourage any parent reading this to take a tour of Follow the Child and find out if enrollment slots are even available.  The very best preschool and K-3 program around is not going to remain a hidden gem for very much longer.      ---Eileen

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Follow the Child Montessori was an excellent choice for our family. The environment is one in which each child receives attention and support tailored to his or her needs and plenty of opportunity to develop social and academic skills and confidence. Communication from the school was excellent. Ms. Karen was very open and available to us, and even offered parenting support, at our request, to help us reinforce positive behaviors and lessons learned at home.     ---Korina

​Our son is thriving at Follow the Child, both academically and socially. There is no limit on how advanced his work can be, so he is working at above grade level and has a real passion for learning. The Montessori curriculum is truly amazing! Importantly, his social skills have blossomed, and he has greatly benefited from the small class size and cooperative group projects with fellow classmates. His progress wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for the dedicated and passionate teachers who are investing so much in his growth and development as a student and person. He is truly accepted and appreciated for who he is, and the level of trust that has developed has enabled his growth immensely. We are very excited for him and for all the students and families who make up the Follow the Child Montessori family.    --- Kristin
Parent Testimonials

Our experience with Follow the Child began in August, 2007, when our son entered preschool and aftercare full time at the tender age of 23 months, his first time away from Mom and Dad. In our search for child care at that time, we were struck by the positive and peaceful demeanor of the children we saw there during our tour. There were so many things to do in each room, we could not imagine him ever getting bored!

Now, in February, 2012, he is six years old and absolutely thriving in elementary program. We have garnered so much wisdom and sage advice from Miss Karen through our conversations about our son. She sees this as a team (or village, if you will) effort, so there is always open communication about what he is going through. When he seems to be feeling sad or behaving differently, she notices and lets us know. We work together to identify his needs and maintain a reasonable amount of consistency between school and home. He has blossomed in this routine and we credit Karen and her staff for much of his success.

​Karen has a gift for finding the right talent when hiring for the school. We love the teachers and the environment. They are always working to make it interesting and different. They have created a routine that provides a healthy balance of academic topics, physical movement, cooperative team work and individual work. We always know that he is in good hands when we deliver him to school in the morning because we see him light up when he sees his teachers and his friends all happily call his name and co me over to invite him to work with them. It warms my heart!

​Our son has also enjoyed the summer camp offering every summer at Follow the Child. They have fun adventures that keep him stimulated. It's a wonderful program every year!

​This school has been an intimate part of our family's life for so long. We wish Karen and her staff all the success they so richly deserve and know that every child in  their care is better for it, as well as the families who enjoy the growth of their children while there. ---Don, Ronda, and Adam